We are all born creative and can often lose touch with our creative selves as we move through life. Creatures by Hunter embraces childhood imagination, acknowledges everyone as a unique individual and above all else, respects our environment.

In a rapidly changing world, we are all exposed to so much information and have become over scheduled to the point where down time has become almost non existent. 

We could go on all day about the mental health benefits of drawing; how we should take time out to observe, interpret and absorb what goes on in our lives every day. 

Creatures by Hunter are all unique characters created and illustrated by fourteen year old Hunter Kelly.  Inspired by what Hunter has seen and experienced in his own life, the Creatures are easy to draw and fun to colour in.

What's more, Hunter would absolutely love it if you create your own Creatures and send them in to us to post on the Creatures by Hunter gallery wall. 

Creatures by Hunter are devoted to giving to those in need and establishing long term relationships with genuine charity organisations that foster love, creativity; individuality and self awareness in young people.